Your Donations Count

We were overwhelmed with the support and donations given at the time of Seth’s surgery, so many of our friends and colleagues. Even from those that we don’t even know but who have been touched by Seth’s story.

Thank you so very much, We will always be so thankful to each and every one of you. Your donations really eased the brunt of financial worry as to help us get through what were very expensive trips to the UK from Spain.

We now in turn want to help those families affected by Erb’s Palsy on the island that we live, Mallorca. We have now set up this website which will enable us to support them, right on our doorstep, where Erb’s Palsy is ever increasing due to the excessive force many doctors are incorrectly using, when delivering new born babies, and then causing this life long injury and paralysis. Our aim is to ensure that all families get the information and support which we did not receive, and really create an awareness and thorough understanding about it as to help reduce the statistics which have increased since Seth was born here. This being before birth as to ensure this stops. It is 100% avoidable. We can also assist families financially, through fundraising and your donations, where every little helps so that their baby can get directed to the best treatment available to them. Our plans to have a pamphlet available too with all the information on crucial steps to take, physio exercises, and contact numbers, in English, Spanish and Catalan will be invaluable.


Special Thanks

We will also be eternally grateful to David Hood, who owns Multiflight and so generously donated a return leg on his private jet after Seth’s life changing nerve graft surgery, in Leeds in October. It was so important that we keep him as comfortable and flat as possible after surgery, flying commercially and holding him in our arms was just not an option. After an exhausting appeal across every avenue,  David, the owner of Multiflight generously stepped in. We also are so grateful to Susan Preston at Multiflight,  who orchestrated everything and took so much pressure away from us and played a big part in making it all happen. Thank you.

You can read more at the links below.


We also wish to thank Sharon and Ben Reid who were instrumental in directing us to the places to ask for help, and for each giving their time to pick us up from the airport and hospital in Leeds when Seth had his surgery. Thank you and again we will always be so grateful for your kindness, you took away just so much extra stress from us at that time.



And of course to the amazing Karen Hillyer, chairman of the Erb’s Palsy Group UK who we will never ever forget her help and fast support in getting Seth referred for his life changing surgery.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly should you be able to assist our fundraising in any way possible.

Thank you ♥



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