Our Family

We are the Murphy Family.

Consisting of myself, Justine / Mummy (33) from London, and my British born husband Paul / Daddy from Devon (29) and of course our beautiful son Seth. We met and fell in love while working on Super Yachts in Palma de Mallorca, Spain back in 2008.

We fell in love both with each other and the beautiful Balearic island and knew that it was where we wanted to settle down and build our lives and family. If you haven’t been before, there is something very magical here and we felt very drawn to the island as to make it our home. We worked for many years on the yachts, Paul as Captain on smaller vessels and First Mate on large yachts, and myself as Chef. Paul still continues to work in the industry but also has a large hand our family business, which I had the vision to build and grow as to come off of the yachts myself.

Our business, mymuybueno ® is a brand developed purely on what I know and love , people and food; and reflects my own experiences to date.  We have three different divisions and all of these revolve and grow around what is at the heart of them, our beautiful family. We always wanted to be able to have our children and our business, and for the two to grow hand in hand.  With Seth’s injury, it has of course been harder, but it has given us both even more drive and determination to succeed, grow and make it a vast success, so that we can give our beautiful family a wonderful life and future. ♥





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