Photo Timeline of Seth- Nerve Graft Surgery

By: Justine Murphy    |   No Comments   |   December 17, 2013

These image are when we were at hospital in Leeds- I slept next to him the night before surgery which took place on the 7th October. Seth was nil by mouth so it was a very hard night and morning as he was not allowed any more milk after midnight, and even water by the morning which you can’t explain to a baby. Seth was 4 months and one day old when he had his nerve graft surgery which lasted 5 very long hours. Seth was in hospital for three nights- Mummy and Daddy slept by his side for the two nights after surgery.

Seeing him so drugged up as he came round was hard, as he had nothing behind his glossy eyes, but at 4am on the first night he woke properly and smiled, and we saw his twinkle back, and knew our boy was okay.

Seth’s cast was made of plaster and went around his head, chest and back as to keep him as immobile as possible for a four week period.

Thanks to Multiflight we flew home safely to Mallorca, without causing him upset, distress or pain by keeping him laid flat in his cast and travel cot.


2013-10-06 16.14.00 2013-10-06 19.14.21 2013-10-07 08.12.26 2013-10-07 16.40.09 2013-10-07 16.40.36 2013-10-07 16.41.09 HDR 2013-10-07 16.41.19 HDR 2013-10-07 16.52.01 HDR 2013-10-07 20.40.44 2013-10-08 09.01.26 2013-10-08 17.17.10 2013-10-09 07.28.18 2013-10-09 09.27.59 2013-10-09 12.07.16 2013-10-09 13.45.56 2013-10-09 13.46.00 2013-10-09 13.46.03 2013-10-09 15.21.17 2013-10-09 15.31.49 2013-10-09 16.14.01


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