Photo Timeline of Seth- Post Surgery

By: Justine Murphy    |   No Comments   |   December 17, 2013

Below you will see the heartache we went through seeing our boy in such pain- pain from after the operation where he would not stop crying and would get so red faced and howl, and then the pressure sore he started to get on his chest from the cast which was getting mouldy, full of bacteria and was also heavy on his chest. It started as a small red patch but escalated quickly.  We contacted his specialist in the UK and they advised we have his cast removed immediately, so we went late that very night to the hospital and they removed his cast and did a very naff job at strapping him up. We stopped at the chemist and bought bandages as to strap him securely ourselves as it was important to keep his arm in the same immobile position as it was still a week from the cast being due off. We flew to Leeds a week later for him to be seen and he was given the all clear for us to start his physio again.

His legs you will see gradually improving as they healed. We rub bio oil on them every day as to reduce the puckering and scarring from where the nerves were taken.

2013-10-11 18.24.42 2013-10-16 15.33.42 2013-10-17 15.43.29 2013-10-18 09.06.37 2013-10-18 09.07.04  2013-10-21 10.12.16 2013-10-23 06.21.56 2013-10-23 06.25.43 2013-10-24 10.36.25 2013-10-24 10.36.33 2013-10-24 20.03.08 2013-10-24 21.45.34 2013-10-24 21.47.20 2013-10-24 22.23.11-1 2013-10-24 23.20.35 2013-10-25 10.05.46 2013-10-25 10.05.47

There was a lot of pain and suffering in the weeks that followed- we would give Seth Calpol and Nurofen liquid for babies, paracetomol and ibuprofen, round the clock as to keep his pain at bay. Nothing prepares you to see your baby suffer like this. The feelings of upset and anger that arise in you churning your stomach is horrible. We would lay our hands on our boy and beg the Lord for help and healing in these days. It was an especially tough time, but God held our hand and got us through the storm. The Erb’s Palsy Group Facebook page was a huge support in these dark days too, as to have guidance and help when we needed it most from so many others who had been through it all before, made a big difference.


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